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When buying a new door for your Birmingham home you will need to select one that's good for you and also for the house. The main considerations ought to always be security and safety but in addition, sturdiness, energy efficiency and looks are important. Front doors may be found in numerous materials with the most popular solutions being wood, uPVC or composite. All these has their merits. You should determine what value these choices can bring prior to making a decision on the most suitable door for your property.

UPVC doors are an extremely well-known choice and can be found in a variety of housing. Easily produced and fitted in no time at all, uPVC doors, though made to measure, are usually the least costly choice. There is no shortage of providers that produce uPVC doors and many styles can be found, with a number of different finishes. However, these type of doors might be less secure than their alternatives.

Wooden doors are the most traditional of the options, as, until the 20th century it was the sole material that could deliver the results! Sturdy and appealing they are a great solution for your home but there are 2 aspects of caution - maintenance and cost. Wooden doors have to be made of suitable wood, and this is often not an affordable solution. They want treatment before they are installed and regular maintenance and care afterwards. A wooden front door is prone to peeling, bowing or rotting, which can be avoided, however, not without some effort.

Lastly, composite doors are now one of the most popular options. With technological advances, composite doors are able to combine some of the attributes of uPVC doors and wooden doors, causing them to be an attractive proposition. A composite door is constructed from a compressed wooden slab surrounded in highly durable thin plastic edge banding and thermo plastic door skin. This will make it cheaper than an all timber door, but sturdier and more thermally efficient than many uPVC doors. Composite doors are also highly durable, requiring no regular care and retaining their colour with time.

When deciding on a front door you have to think about all the pros and cons of each kind. A new door is a large investment so if you're looking for a door in Birmingham you need to choose what is best for both you and your home before comparing prices.

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