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Raising money for your commercial cleaning franchise isn't hard when you know how. Banks will often be in a position to lend you up to around three quarters of the value of your business, but it's vital that you know precisely the amount of money you will need to start the franchise off. Listed here are 5 things to consider if you are serious about operating your own commercial cleaning franchise:

1. Training expenses

Even if you are recruiting personnel who've worked as cleaners or franchise managers before, it remains beneficial to teach them to work in your franchise specifically.

2. Payroll

Knowing how many people you will hire and how much their earnings will amount to is a vital part of your budgeting.

3. Administrative work

What amount will it cost to finance the administrative work of your franchise? Could it be cheaper to get this done all at head office, or to delegate some duties more locally to other divisions of your franchise?

4. Marketing and sales

Marketng and sales is an important element of any company. In these modern times, this should incorporate a large digital and online factor. How are you going to fund your marketing plan? How big should it be? Should you hire a specific marketing team to formulate and maintain a marketing plan? These are only a selection of the important questions you should ask yourself.

5. IT and Human Resources

Virtually every company will use some type of computer based system, whether this means building a company website or having an internal computerised system to keep a record of which cleaning jobs you are dealing with (or both). Consequently, it is important to factor IT (and IT support) and human resources into your application for funding for your franchise.

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